Kidz Book Hub

About Us

Welcome to Kidz Book Hub, an online early literacy platform curated by a team of experienced educators and publishers with over 70 years of combined experience. Our mission is to support independent reading both at home and in the classroom by providing access to some of the best literacy materials available today. Led by Melbourne-based publisher Bob Andersen, our creative team includes talented authors, illustrators, editors, designers, and technical advisors.

Kidz Book Hub is designed to foster a love for reading by allowing students to self-select texts that match their interests and reading levels. Research shows a strong link between independent reading and academic success, and we are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential through engaging and accessible content. Our resources align with the Australian National Curriculum, making it easy for teachers to integrate our materials into their lessons.

Explore Kidz Book Hub and join us in our mission to inspire and support young readers on their literacy journey.